This is the Home Page of my website which presents:

病 number of books I have published,

付wo newsletters that I have edited,

不elected articles I have contributed to other publications,

病n article I have ghostwritten for my late wife with her blessing and inspiration,

病n assortment of lectures I have given to learned societies.


There is a great waste if these things, which represent a lot of research or experience, receive less than optimal use. One man痴 junk may be another man痴 treasure. It is up to you to decide whether you can benefit or profit from the several offerings I present herein. All bear copyright by myself or the publisher but may be reproduced in part or whole if permission is obtained.


If you wish to contact me, my coordinates are:

Postal address  ‒  41 Outer Drive, London, Ontario, Canada N6P 1E1

Telephone  ‒  519 652 5728

Fax  ‒  519 652 6850

E-mail  ‒  rosecom@golden.net


My webmistress has arranged the offerings as arrayed down the left side of this home page. My thanks for her help and advice.

This website replaces my earlier website